Happy beef hor fun

  • Is Happy beef hor fun vegan? Yes! Happy beef hor fun is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Wonderful Beef Hor Fun! It’s hard to find good smoky beef hot fun these days

(even not veg version). And this dish is really good. The wok hei is on point, serving is just enough to make you wanna come back for more

SO GOOD. Omg. Most meat substitutes focus on mince because that's easier to simulate, both

in taste and texture. I love that UnliMeat chose to tackle tenderised beef slices! It's quite a good substitute, especially when paired with super qq hor fun dry-fried with pleasing wok hei. VERY good. #abillionlove

This was really well done! Wok hei is present in the fried hor fun. A

non vegan friend tried it and was impressed too! The Unlimeat beef slices are not the kind of tough texture like beef slices so it's not 100% the same as its non vegan dish but this is so, so much better.

This was cooked really well. It’s tasty as ever. They could up the veg in

this dish, I’d have really liked that.
Green common’s a fully vegan cafe, amazing menu. They place emphasis on their amazing range of meat and dairy alternatives. I do wish their dishes had more veggies or tofu. in any case, their food tastes really good, and I’m pleased there’s another place actively proving how exciting vegan food is.

This was one of my favorites because the horfun waa really nice, especially with the

sweet sauce. The beef was also not too bad as the texture and taste was quite similar to real beef. It did come with some chilli though, which I don't quite take. But overall, it was really nice!

Just the right amount of flavours and not too oily for a stir fried hor

fun dish. Personally don't quite like the beef replacement. I'd rather that they use more tofu and vegetable toppings.

All food are great!! Others are Rendang, Cesar salad and Thai salad. Yummy 😋

The dry hor fun had really good wok hey which I was pleasantly surprised by!

The "beef" was quite chewy and the dish came with quite a lot of veggies as well. Overall it was really salty though so just take note!

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