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Tom Yum Noodles

by Green Bliss Habitat


3.63 (6)

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7 July 2019
$4.50, and my friends dish at the top right!

she said it was pretty good, better than greendot’s :o not for me though, I tried one strand of noodle with no soup and absolutely just died because it was too spicy for me HAHAHAH there was a very strong seafoody taste also, typical of tom yum

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14 August 2022
Too spicy for a white man who couldn't handle the heat.

It had two slices of mock fish, some mushrooms and minimal greens. Overall tasty, price is economical.

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23 March 2021
$5! not bad, friend’s first time having veg tom yum and he rates this a

7.5/10! (he has super high expectations for tom yum btw HAHA) he says it reminds him of tom yum he had in primary school - very comforting and nostalgic. not super spicy, and more towards the tomato side kind of tom yum (I personally thought it tasted like tomato soup with a hint of tom yum actually). noodles were quite bouncy and toppings were generous!

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28 February 2020
My first time ordering this Tom yum La Mian noodle soup.

Hope that they can add more ingredients to this dish .

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31 December 2019
$4.50, very tasty and you’ll enjoy it if you like spicy food!!

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27 September 2020
Wasn't too bad but not fantastic too.

Was craving for deep fried stuff n they had mushroom tempura.

Not particularly my favourite place to dine. Simply bcos they've got a lot of mock meats rather than plant based...

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