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Braised Duck Rice

by Green Bliss Habitat


4.05 (15)

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4 May 2021
$5. Love the tasty braised sauce and the inclusion of tofu, soup + braised rice!

The semi-chewy texture of the mushroom-and-soy-based ‘duck’ was to my liking too :) #abillionturns3

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29 December 2021
Braised duck with a chewy bite & made from soy & mushrooms, lightly flavoured fragrant

rice & comforting clear savoury soup 🍘 #veganisnotscary

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12 May 2021
Looked very salty but was actually flavorful and doesn’t taste like msg or the

usual mock meat. The “duck” was made using mushrooms and the texture was soft and chewy. Would’ve loved if they gave a little more tofu or added vegetables though, but it’s definitely worth it for the...

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8 January 2023
Served with sesame ginger rice instead of braised sauce/yam rice.

It's still fragrant and tasty. The duck was well braised mushrooms. Could do with more...

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13 April 2020
whats that thing it tastes like mushrooms and tofu but i don’t know what

it is

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29 September 2020
liked the texture of the braised 'duck' (mushroom) - soft and slightly chewy!

felt the dish was slightly salty; think more veg wld hv been good too! other than that it's p flavourful :)

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5 January 2023
I was in the process of removing some of the mock duck before I realised

I had forgotten to take a photograph, so this dish actually comes with more mock duck than the photograph reflects. Their version of mock duck comes from something that appears to be mushroom-based, because it has some of the textures and mouth feels of mushroom stems. I wish this dish came with more vegetables, or even more tofu, and it kind of felt one-dimensional in taste and flavour (maybe adding chili would...

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28 March 2020
$4.50 for a rice set.

What can you ask for? Add sambal to spice it up!

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22 February 2020
I felt that the braised rice and sauce tasted more complete with the rice.

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11 February 2020
it tasted ok!

texture wise, the mock meat is quite duck-y. a little disappointed by the singular tau kwa slice (i love tau kwa :() but for only $4.50, it's a pretty hearty meal!

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