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I loved it! Beancurd is soft, mock duck is nice and the rice & gravy

were delicious 😋 heard alot of people ordering this dish too! The lady boss is very friendly as well, happy to find this place!

whats that thing it tastes like mushrooms and tofu but i don’t know what it


I was in the process of removing some of the mock duck before I realised

I had forgotten to take a photograph, so this dish actually comes with more mock duck than the photograph reflects. Their version of mock duck comes from something that appears to be mushroom-based, because it has some of the textures and mouth feels of mushroom stems. I wish this dish came with more vegetables, or even more tofu, and it kind of felt one-dimensional in taste and flavour (maybe adding chili would help). This is not my go-to option at #fortunecentre, but I still think it is worth trying once because their version of mock duck is ultimately quite unique, and it's good if you're a #vegan craving duck.

$5. Love the tasty braised sauce and the inclusion of tofu, soup + braised rice!

The semi-chewy texture of the mushroom-and-soy-based ‘duck’ was to my liking too :) #abillionturns3

Fav dish here though it's not exactly healthy cause #mockmeat xD Tasty mushroom-based meat alternative

with a super flavourful rice (with dark soy sauce)! Generous portion and pretty affordable too :)

Served with sesame ginger rice instead of braised sauce/yam rice. It's still fragrant and tasty.

The duck was well braised mushrooms. Could do with more tofu. Cost $5.80

Taste is ok but I dislike the look super dark sauce

I had the vegetarian braised duck rice for $4.50. The rice was flavourful. The braised

duck was basically braised mushrooms. The braised tofu was nice but small in quantity.

This is gold. Best I’ve tried so far.. I am a rice monster and their

rice is tops yummy. Besides the mock duck I love the braised tofu.. silky soft and flavourful. A must try for all.

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