Grilled Heura® Tortilla

  • Is Grilled Heura® Tortilla vegan? Yes! Grilled Heura® Tortilla is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Classic Heura chunks, avocado, pickled onion, green chilli, preserved lemon, lettuce, cashew nut sour cream


garlic, onion, gluten, soya, and nuts


garlic, onion, gluten, soya, and nuts

About the restaurant

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Most helpful reviews

I had to order it again! So good! The mixture of Grand Hyatt and Plant

based meat Heura is JUST GREAT

Tortilla de no pollo ,con un toque de jalapeño es un poco picante que le

da un sabor distinto y explosivo 🥰

The cashew sour cream was on the subtler side and paired well with the crisp

tortillas, green chilli, cabbage & heura :’) Super generous portions of heura too! #sgeats

The cashew nut sour cream was wild! Sour cream is something I miss from time

to time so this was nice. The avocado in this also made it very creamy. A bit weirded out by the green chillies, jalapeños would be more apt! The Heura chunks were chewy, similar to what I remember of chicken, some were uneven but altogether really good! This might work better as a quesadilla. If you prefer more surface area to bite on, I'd recommend this.

Enjoyed this more than the panini, and tastes better than it looks!! The flavour combination

was good; the grilled onions, cashew sour cream, and peppers complimented the Heura really well.

Sorry for the bad picture (it is so difficult to hold the food as it

is very hot when they gave it to me). The tortilla is nicely crisp. The texture of the chicken is legit. And the cashew nut sour cream is tangy.

Should have used jalapeño instead of green chillies.. And perhaps more veggies?

A so so

version of plant based tortilla. 😑

Swipe right for that Heura surprise. The not so chicken chicken was served hot and

it was kind of comforting even those I was outside eating it.This has great flavours but think I preferred the panini.

"Chicken" was a bit chewier than I expected! But the mixture of Mediterranean spices was

excellent. And the thin tortilla skin was the perfect accompaniment to the flavourful center.

Ordered without alliums, has a bit lemon-ish taste but overall good. The "chicken" was abit

too rubberish though. But for $8, it was quite good.

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