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  • Cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwich

by Golden Dinosaurs Vegan Deli


4.90 (6)

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23 June 2022
Every time I go to golf port that is one place I always stop to

eat every sandwich are delicious but my favorite is the Cuban sandwich. And love the kombucha.

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15 August 2020
very classic sandwich here in tampa, even better vegan!

This place is all vegan and the food is even better!

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12 July 2020
Nice and tidy (not sloppy!) vegan cuban sandwhich.

Perfect for our picnic on the beach !

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1 December 2018
I found this little vegan deli in my last visit home to Florida.

In a small sleepy beach town called Gulfport. I ordered the Cuban sandwich and it was so delicious! Real Cuban bread with a side of vegan cole...

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30 June 2019
So much flavor!

And the waffle fries with a side of ranch are phenomenal.

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6 April 2020
I was so impressed with the taste of my lunch I will always be back

for more when I’m close by. Very delicious.

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