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#VeganIsNotScary #488

This is the best Vegan Pizza I ever ate! The crust was thin

& crispy. When bites the pizza, it was very juicy and tasty. This pizza super yummy 🤤

Have to opt for vegan cheese (+$3). My expectation soared so high when the pizza

came coz it looked so good!! Sadly it didn't meet my expectation, although it was still great! Finished the whole thing myself.
Booked via eatigo with 50% off!

#vegan #mushroom #pizza

The sweet balsamic glaze which I loved on their hummus platter didn’t quite work for

me here. Same with the house-made cheese, unfortunately. Wasn’t very fun eating a pizza with toppings sliding off the runny cheese! Glad we got this to share so I could move on after trying a slice 🙊👋🏼🍕

#veganin2020 day 12
73 #daystreak

Got it as part of the lunch deal (+3$ for vegan cheese) so it was

very budget friendly but I didn't particularly enjoy the cheese. I appreciate that they give a vegan option for their pizzas but the nacho sauce doesn't really compliment the pizza and is super messy to eat. In pictures I've seen a different kind of mozzarella style cheese which is what I was expecting so this was a little disappointing. Kicking myself for not getting one of their scrumptious bowls instead!
Nevertheless, their lunch deal is pretty sweet and for dessert they subbed the muffin for 2 vegan cookies which were fantastic!

Wasn’t too impressed with this one! The cheese was kinda like nachos cheese and while

yummy on nachos, perhaps not the best for pizza? 👀 The dough was a little dry too! Will try the other kinds of pizzas next time! #veganin2020

Topped up $3 for vegan cheese! Wonder what brand they used since it tasted pretty

different from the ones I’ve tried at other outlets. My friend said it tasted more like a pasta sauce hahaha regardless it’s v melty and gooey! Wish they were more generous with the mushrooms tho

Nice they have so many vegan options and vegan cheese, but this didn't taste great

somehow. The vegan cheese tasted kinda flat. I enjoyed other dishes from them more. Thanks @jenniferj1s for the treat! #veganin2020 🍕

I am all for Genius Central’s pizzas. The thin crust is perfectly crispy on the

edges & the vegan cheese in which they used is particularly noteworthy (or at least in my opinion).

According to other reviews, it appears that a majority of people did not enjoy the fact that they used the same runny cheese as they do in their vegan nachos. However, i thoroughly loved it. The runny cheese makes their pizzas taste unique and quirky. It is far superior than the boring, stale hard cheese you would commonly find at most pizza joints.

Lastly, do remember to swap the mozzarella cheese to vegan cheese!

Also good!! I liked the tomato based one more but this has more onions and

mushrooms. Yummm loved it! The orange cheese is vegan cheese. It’s really good and melty, can’t tell it’s non vegan but its +2 if I rmb correctly. We got the 1 for 1 so it was only about $9 per pizza and we only cleared about 3/4🤪 #veganin2020

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