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Mexican Bowl Of Glory

by Genius Central Singapore


4.24 (19)

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7 May 2021
Very disappointed 😞

Me pedí la promoción y el plato era mucho más chico que el original, la palta 🥑 estaba negra, la verdad no me lo volvería a pedir. No lo recomiendo

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9 April 2021
🔺🔺🔺always love some guacamole and nachos🥰swipe to see how the flatbread becomes a party hat🥳

🥳 happy work anniversary!! @priyangav #lifeatabillion

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13 April 2021
This bowl was jam packed with lots of flavorful goodness 😋.

The guac and stewed beans were my favorite — and there were plenty of tortilla chips to scoop every last bit up. Would have loved if they mixed it a bit more to get everything incorporated. Not the cheapest meal at $21 (incl GST) but great for a Friday...

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6 April 2021
What a filling bowl of all things I like.

Colorful, great flavors.

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8 May 2022
Idk why but I always order this when I’m at genius central - just love

how it has nachos, beans, guacamole 🥑 can’t go wrong with this combo I guess🤠 #mexican

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2 August 2020
All the dips tasted like coconut in some form to me xD Also comes with

a mini sauce plate of tangy vegan yogurt sauce!

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18 June 2022
A colourful platter of vegetables and crackers 🌈🥗 A huge amount of variety and made

for an enjoyable #teamlunch 🦦

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27 February 2020
This was really fresh and delicious!!

Came with a ton of toppings!!

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22 January 2022
Legit it as part of the lunch menu, 15++ with a muffin for dessert.

Little in the way of protein, I missed some seitan for example, or mock meat, or even just much more beans! 😄

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2 January 2021
Not the most filling for lunch but great taste and presentation

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