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Most helpful reviews

The ‘fish’ was a bit rubbery, but everything else was very tasty, and the greens

were cooked to perfection. #crf

This may be the spiciest dish on Genesis’s menu. And, quite filling.

Interesting looking veg Nasi lemak 😆 didn’t try this dish but my Friend finished most

of it so I think it’s good

#crfsg #nasilemak

I’m a huge fan of genesis vegan restaurant!!! Their nasi lemak dish is one of

my favourites - from the fragrant rice, to the creamy rich rendang, to the flavourful sambal served with this dish. We also tried their vegan sausage which tasted just like Taiwanese sausage! The aunty here is really nice too ❤️ will definitely be back more often to support!

Delicious nasi lemak with rendang mock meat and fish (tasted like seafood tofu). Rice was

fragrant and rendang was spicy and flavourful! Was pleasantly surprised by how healthy it was, with the brown rice and leafy veg.

The taste isn’t close to nasi lemak. The sides are vegan rendang made of mushrooms

and fish made of soy. Their sambal chilli is nice! The rice could’ve been more flavourful.

Their nasi lemak comes with coconut rice, rendang, tofu fish and veg. The rice was

fragrant and I really liked the rendang sauce.

The rice is honestly one of the best around. Though mushy in texture, it's very

lemak (strong coconut taste)! Sambal game is strong too. Even my non-veg friend can't stop singing the praises of this dish 👍

My mom ordered this. Tried a bit and I really liked the rice. Really love

the achar. Also rare to see some other veges on the side for nasi lemak, it's a really good balance. Would be nice if there wasn't mock fish and if other side's weren't as chilled.

Rendang and fish pieces are done very well! Tasty and goes well with the brown

rice. Would prefer the fish to have some gravy but it’s already good as it is.

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