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  • Thai Basil OmniMeat

Thai Basil OmniMeat

by Frontier


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12 January 2022
Did you know that every stall at NUS Science Canteen is serving a delicious plant-based

dish this january?! 😍 This Thai Basil "Pork" (from the Thai Food Stall) was an incredible rendition of the classic dish. Juicy, savoury, spicy and all the right flavours?! 😭😭😭

Wow, it's almost too good to be true how the vegan scene in NUS has transformed in my 4 years here.

Thank you to NUS VEGE, NUS SAVE, Centre for a Responsible Future and #GreenMonday for making #veganuaryinnus possible!!!! ❤️

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Wow! This Thai basil omnimeat dish was delicious! The omnimeat was cooked in a pad

krapow style with holy basil and chilli. Long beans were added in this. Served with white rice and a side salad.

This January, every stall at Frontier is offering at least 1 vegan dish. I hope this initiative continues beyond veganuary!


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I’m so excited to see a lot of omni delights in NUS this month! In

particular, this dish was packed with flavours! The basil omni-meat was cooked with dried curry leaves, long beans and chilli, enabling the dish to be so fragrant and addictive! *warning: the chilli was more than just a tad spicy but it didn’t overpower the sweetness from the omni-meat*

The texture of the omni-meat was not a 100% as it failed to mimic the roughness and unevenness of the actual meat, which I preferred. Despite this, I’m certain some people would like the smoothness of the minced omni-meat. Nevertheless, the omni-meat was juicy, not dry in any way, and savoury on the right note! :’)

One minor qualm, I wish the vege/salad would have a dash of lemon juice on it so it’ll be more appetising for people who’re not huge fans of raw vege.

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Good portion size, and good amount of chilli for me! I liked having long beans

mixed in with the meat. Bit oily though

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