Breakfast Burrito

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I'm always down for a breakfast burrito, so today I thought I'd try French Meadow's

take on it. I think the chili on top really carried this dish. The tofu scramble inside was fairly bland. It has hash browns in it as well which I enjoyed more, but did notice they were unseasoned. I did appreciate the generous amount of guacamole on top!

To make this vegan they swap out the eggs for tofu and remove the cheese and sour cream. Somehow this adds $3, and if you want vegan sausage it's another $3. It's a big portion, but I'm not sure where the vegan upcharge comes from considering tofu is so cheap.

#breakfast #weeklywins

Easily the greatest breakfast burrito I’ve ever had. A must-try if you’re into that kinda

thing (and who isn’t?)

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