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Most helpful reviews

First time trying this and love the soup a lot and the ramen!

A non fried healthier option that has nice umami miso flavours

Ordered the soy milk tomato Ramen set cos I was hungry and craving for some

warm soup stuff. The soy milk taste was not strong at all (don't really taste it) and it seems like they have added some herbs (think it's dangui) in the soup. Feels more like a herbal broth instead but no complains as I liked that as well. The texture of the noodles were just nice and the amount of vegetables was very generous and fresh too! Overall a good comforting bowl of noodles, albeit abit too light for me so I requested for their sambal chilli. The set comes with gyoza and side salad. Nothing to rave about the salad but the gyoza was amazingly good. It's not too oily and the fillings were substantial. With a crusty exterior, I can literally taste the Imani of it in each bite. Would probably ordered a side of their fried dumplings if I head over again!

The soup was tasty and I liked that they gave lots of mushroom, tofu and

veggies. I've had been soy milk soup before though.

A hot soupy dish that's perfect on a cold day! The soy milk was not

overpowering and it complemented the ramen quite well. Would have preferred more vegetables like spinach.

An all rounder dish: chewy noodles, flavourful seaweed and mock ikan bilis in a balanced

broth (not too salty or soymilk-ish). Portion is great too.

Pleasant hot soup chock full of veggies and tofu! Amazing dish all round.

This is a delicious salty flavourful noodle dish - the portion was way too big

for one person, and I don't really understand the addition of lettuce

Perfect comfort food on a rainy cold morning. Umami taste so real and good.

Give it a try if u are at Funan.

Delicious soy milk ramen.
A must try when you come here.

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