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  • Platter (Single)

Platter (Single)

by Fill a Pita (Delivery only)


4.53 (6)

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6 January 2020
I’m a huge fan of Fill a Pita! Everything is vegetarian and most dishes are

vegan (just don’t get the labneh cheese). The hummus and taboulleh are especially good, the falafel are freshly made in house TO ORDER and you always get service with a smile. Try the specials and the homemade drinks too!

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[Vegetarian] Went on a delightful date with myself💕 (lol) with a Single Platter with hummus,

swapped the usual fava beans with babaganoush (mashed eggplant with tahini n olive oil), labna (cheese) and falafels for $15!

The wholemeal pita was freshly baked and warm, n the dips were a gorg mix of flavours n textures! I'm stuffed w goodness!

(Could veganise it by swapping the labna with fava bean dip)

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I find their falafels nicely spiced and also a bit bigger than normal? Some reviewers

find it dry but it wasn’t an issue for me when consumed with the hummus, beans, and other dips. The beans were surprisingly tasty! Hummus could be creamier. Overall the platter was fresh, healthy, and substantial for 1 person. Btw I added on 2 falafels as a side; normally they serve 2 falafels for 1 pax.

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Loved it.the cheese sides were replaced with mashed potatoes as i requested vegan set. quite


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this platter is great for trying their different dips with their pita bread that was

gdddd :)

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