Mac and Cheese

  • Is Mac and Cheese vegan? Yes! Mac and Cheese is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Picture does NOT do this mac and cheese justice. It’s the best cheesy pasta dish

I’ve ever had - like, didn’t need ketchup, good. Somehow it was my first time checking out Fern Cafe and Bakery, it won’t be the last, if you haven’t been yet… WHY?!

So happy to try out this new Vegan cafe/bakery! I wanted to try everything but

will have to go back again (soon!). I tried the Mac and Cheese. It was delish! I enjoyed the toppings and the sauce was a lot like what I remember the boxed being...but better. Way better.

This is my favourite thing to get for lunch besides the cinnamon buns!

Best vegan mac and cheese I've ever had! Great flavour, rich and creamy, so yummy.

Highly recommended!!

This is the best Mac and Cheese I have had as a vegan thus far.

So creamy and delicious!

yummy, creamy, gooey mac and cheese with a yummy parmesan🤤

Mmm, just a cozy delicious creamy Mac. The flavour wasn’t particularly interesting but it was

just a good simply ooey mac. Yummy 😋 🥣

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