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  • Pumpkin Creme Brulee
  • Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

by Fancy Plants Kitchen


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29 October 2022
This dessert was absolutely amazing and perfect for my birthday! Not too sweet and

all the flavors paired perfectly together! Will definitely come back


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I can describe this crème brûlée in two words: decadent deliciousness. It had that iconic

shatter and crack on top. The vanilla ice cream melted perfectly to create the ideal mixture of creaminess to sweetness. Oddly enough, it was topped with a few leaves of cilantro. They added a very Interesting herbaceous character. It wasn't entirely unwelcome but kind of caught me off guard.

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The final course of the October tasting menu was a great way to be sent

off. This pumpkin creme brulee was very creamy and thick. It did have a bit of caramelization on top that you could crack through with your spoon. The pumpkin isn't too strong, so it was nice to just have a hint of that instead of being overwhelmed. The vanilla ice cream was paired well and had a really beautiful vanilla flavor. The figs added a nice touch as well. It was also topped with cilantro, which I'm still unsure how I feel about. I think I could do without, but I appreciate the attempt to bring something a little extra. I also just want to mention, look at this huge portion! I wouldn't have been mad if this was for two to share, but we were each given a nice sized bowl!

I would highly recommend this tasting menu if you're looking for a nice night out in Chicago. The whole thing is $55 per person, or you can go for the "Date Night Tasting Package" for $132, which includes a bottle of wine that is paired specifically to the entree. The staff was also amazing and we really enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere.

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