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  • 'Nyak' Cognac Filled Figs
  • 'Nyak' Cognac Filled Figs

'Nyak' Cognac Filled Figs

by Fancy Plants Kitchen


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9 October 2022
I was looking for a fine dining experience while in Chicago and Fancy Plants Kitchen

popped up on Google Maps. They have a five course tasting menu that seems to switch out every month. You can't tell from this first course, but believe me when I say these aren't regular tasting menu servings. You get a full plate for each course! It might be good to fast leading up to this meal so you have optimum capacity.

This first course, or "Amuse Bouche",
of the October tasting menu was a really fun experience. It definitely toed the line of a molecular gastronomy experience. The fig was nice and sweet and wasn't too boozy with cognac. It actually kind of reminded me of a plantain. I'm only taking one star off presentation because we weren't told when it was dropped off to eat it with the shiso leaf. Maybe I should have assumed, but it just looked too perfect to be edible. A server refilling our water let us know and it added a whole different dimension to the dish! The shiso leaf was cooling, minty, and slightly peppery that paired really nicely with the fig.

#finedining #chicago #glutenfree

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Our five-course dinner started off with a bang - these cognac-soaked figs with shiso leaf

were to die for!

Initially we tried it with just the fig and it was savory-sweet with some extra complexity from the cognac. Upon her return to the table, the server recommended that we eat the leaf with the fig because it was edible.

The shiso leaf contributed a deep, complex flavor that was equal parts herbaceous and somewhat minty. It perfectly balanced out the sweet and savory fig.

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