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Most helpful reviews

This was very nice! The sauce was beautiful and I loved the texture. Definitely recommend!

Has an amazing Smokey flavour. A bit oily for my taste

Not something I would order again. Quite chewy, interesting texture. Does not exactly have the

taste of char siew. #veganuary

WE HAVE VEGAN CHA SIEW! I mean they really outdid themselves :) the texture is

not 100% meat like but its a delicious dish! The sauce was wonderful.

Ok would skip this at the buffet next time just cuz it’s nothing impressive and

the other dishes are worth your stomach space so much more! It’s basically mock meat like the kinds u get in economical beehoon. Would love to see char siew bao in the menu tho :P

It tastes kinda like the usual vegetarian char siew from vegetarian stalls. It was not

anything amazing or different. I would choose another dish as starters instead in the future.

Sauce is weird. Says alot when my charsiew lovin' dining companion did not lick off

the plate 😅

Este plato tradicionalmente es de puerco y la imitación está super bien lograda. A mí

nunca me gustó mucho así que no puedo opinar, pero la salsa estaba muy rica.

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