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5 Elements Soup

by Elemen @ HarbourFront


4.11 (7)

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11 February 2019
Hot and light, slightly sweet because of the dates.

Really appreciated in the cold dining room (the aircon is really too low!!)

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21 August 2020
Had this at the Harbourfront outlet last time and it was better.

I preferred this to the Maca soup but it was still kinda lacklustre, the ingredients and flavour. It was too salty.

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14 August 2020
Double boiled.

Good old Cantonese soup. This is a sweeter taste soup compared to their Maca Soup. Easy to drink and a good after taste of mushrooms.

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16 July 2019
Chinese style; it has a soothing mix of healthy ingredients like white fungus.

Western soups all aren’t vegan. Dad had this as part of 5 course meal.

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14 January 2020
The 5 Elements Soup was a warm nourishing start to the meal.

The carrot and dates weren't too overpowering in their sweetness while the radish and bamboo fungus gave some texture to the broth. Great taken on its own or as part of a larger meal.

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7 March 2020
Super delicious!

I mega love hot piping soup. Feeling so nourished inside out haha (soup of the 5-course set @ $26.80++)

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24 January 2022
Love the generous amount of white fungus!The double boiled soup is not too sweet, making

it lean towards a “dessert” despite the addition of red dates and white fungus.

Overall, a pretty filling bowl :)

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