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  • Olive Fried Rice
  • Olive Fried Rice

Olive Fried Rice

by Eight Treasures


4.41 (37)

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11 February 2020

My fav carb dish here! Olive vegetable makes anything a tasty #comfortfood. Perfectly flavoured, not

overwhelming. A little dry, perfect with gravy.

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Best olive fried rice for me and so far for every one that I convinced

to try this dish. It is so fragrant and the brown rice is a right kind of chewy that I enjoy. Just thinking about it makes me want to eat it again! #crf

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This father daughter duo takes longest to take food pics testing the patience of the

mom son team.thankfully the rice was steaming hot.slide to see the food pic.yes after all the wait i lost it to take "good" pics...
Rice was nice n flavourful.

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Not bad, had wok hei and was pretty taste although a bit bland at some

parts - chilli padi soy sauce to the rescue! Still a lot better than DTF's attempt at a vegan fried rice. Also quite a big portion that I couldn't finish and had to takeaway half 😅 not sure why they had to put it in this small bowl which made it hard to eat without spilling food over the table.

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