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  • Bbq pork buns

Bbq pork buns

by Doko Demo V


4.70 (4)

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29 June 2020
Bbq pork buns tasted great with sprinkled onion on top.

My friend and I loved these.

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5 June 2022
2 jumbo bao for $9.

These were YUM - sweet, soft, fluffy dough and flavourful BBQ “pork” filling.

Am baffled how this place has such a huge and varied menu (usually a red flag), but here they manage to nail basically every single cuisine 👌🏼

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11 July 2021
Delicious, amazing and very tasty vegan bbq pork buns, and amazing dessert ‘pot plant’ ice

cream 👏 great atmosphere, very friendly service, good price and location 🤩🌱 🤤 definitely coming back again 😍✌️

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18 December 2022
This was very tasty.

The bun was lightly sweet and very fluffy, and the “pork” was sticky and sweet.

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