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Hokkien Mee

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3.67 (6)

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9 March 2021
HUGE portion (I'm a big eater) with good variety of ingredients.

Comes with universal sambal chilli, which really is more suitable for their chicken rice dish 😅

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26 April 2022
Very tasty hokkken noodles.

Not spicy, but you can ask for their chilli sauce on the side. Full of veggies, I found this pretty wholesome and satisfying.

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11 July 2021
Ordered without egg so it should be vegan.

Gravy is delicious and serving size is generous, should be enough for a big eater. Slurped this all up in no time!

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15 June 2020
The first time I had this my mind was blown, as I was craving hokkien

mee and this one had such an authentic flavour. The second time, somehow it wasn’t as nice - could be because I dabaoed it. Nevertheless it is good value and still...

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22 July 2019
The noodles was not fully cooked, which became more apparent as I chewed more of

it. The sauce was alright, coating the noodles and making it bouncy.

Additions like tofu and vegetables were fresh but the bean shoots were...

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7 April 2020
It was just ok for me.. Too watery for my liking and just a simple


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