Ginger Mee Sua

  • Is Ginger Mee Sua vegan? Yes! Ginger Mee Sua is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

D'life Singature ginger mee sua packed food situation..this cost $6.80 and sooooo goooood! My second

time ordering this. Veg and vegan ok! Comfort hot soupy foodie! If u like ginger and mee sua, go for it! #veganisnotscary

This is $6.50 which is Super worth it for the taste. This picture doesn’t do

it justice, it so freaking good! There’s boy chok, carrot, broccoli and fried ginger(yes fried ginger!) The soup base is so good and spicy from the ginger. My Mother and I agreed that this is so good(maybe even better than their chicken rice!). My Mother also said this is a good meal to have when you’re sick because of the tons of ginger and the lightness of the soup, and I totally agree. It’s such a good option for people with IBS or people who are bloated. I’m the latter and I was farting like mad after eating this haha. I don’t get how they cooked the soup into such a sweet stock(please someone teach me if you know how to). I want to have this every night for dinner 😩😩 It’s not overly salty Nor is it bland, it’s the right amount of balance of salt, sweet and spicy. It is very nutritious too! This soup is like a person in the same class as you for years but you never talk to them because you think that you guys wouldn’t have anything in common etc. But then one day, because of whatever reasons, you talked to them and get to know them, and you realised how kind-hearted and bomb their personality truly is and you wonder to yourself how the hell did I not become friends with this person earlier and you wonder how you ever lived your life without them before. That’s what this dish taste like and reminded me of HAHA 101% recommend!!

This was the other dish that we ordered. I thought that it sounds interesting so

decided to give it a try. The soup was really good with the ginger well blended in it which is ideal as a warm and comforting meal for a rainy season. I am not really a big fan of mee sua but the texture of this mee sua was much better than the previous versions that I had. However, I feel that the vegetables and tofu could do a little more in terms of portion size given that it is the same price as the claypot rice. That said, it is good for those who prefer a healthier and lighter meal 😉 #veganin2020

The Ginger mee sua is different from normally served, green veg n broccoli are added.

Generous amount of soup with strong ginger taste which made it very comforting. Had lots

of shredded and minced ginger inside too. Grown up having noodle soup done in a non-vegan way (my grandma cooks it with anchovies or chicken) but this was just as tasty. Lots of vegetables and tofu, no mock meat.

I’m a big soup lover so if the soup is good, I’m usually quite sold.

I think the soup is great and the ginger taste is not too strong (though I wouldn’t mind) for people who don’t like ginger that much. The mee sua is really great with the soup and the ingredients together. As a whole, a great meal that I enjoyed 😌

A very comforting bowl of mee sua in soup. Packed with vegetables and a few

pieces of tofu that make it more substantial. The ginger is sliced very thinly giving it extra warmest without being overpowering ☺️

Soso dish. Doesn't have enough ginger taste. The one at Tampines mall kopitiam is the

best. You could see minced ginger which transfers the taste into the soup better. This one at d'life only has shredded ginger... needs improvement for sure. But the good thing is that the portion is hugeeeeeeeee.

It's tasteless and full of oil. I couldn't finish the bowl. My lips are full

of oil (no need lip balm already). 3 small pieces of tofu for protein and scattered here and there some bok choy for some fiber. And fried strips of ginger can't give enough aroma for the soup. Totally a disaster for me.

Really nice bowl of soup for when you are trying to clear out a cold

or maybe... hangover? Didnt expect the ginger to be mashed to paste, so it really comes with every spoon. The serving of mee sua is quite big. Maybe less mee sua and more tofu would be a good idea! But good dish in all

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