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Jade Dumpling

by D'life Signature 蔬品軒


4.20 (5)

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21 February 2023
$4.80 for 3 real tiny morsels of #dimsum.

Almost too jaded with the appalling portion relative to price paid these days. Taste-wise, #elegant with a hint of coconut otah in stuffing 😳

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8 January 2023
翡翠素饺 These parcels had a slightly vegetal taste (from spinach?) but it was very pleasant

and not too bitter/herb-like, unlike the ones from Lingzhi! Loved the juicy and generous amount of fillings. The translucent skin was thin, as well as remained soft and stretchy even after taking photos for some...

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19 March 2023
This is so earthy!

🌝 Makes sense though given that @m1tch9i noted that this uses the same cilantro-tasting herb that was present in their gyoza, so just something to keep in mind for the #betterwithoutcoriander folk 🪴 I thought it was alright especially since I was a fan of the shape 🎋 but with everything else going on, I think I enjoy other #dimsum just a little bit more 😋

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29 January 2023
翠绿素饺 Jade Dumplings $4.80

Unique star-shaped translucent skin. Stuffed with veggies and soy-based ham, including one with a unique & dominant taste that I forgot the name of :P

#dimsum #dumplings

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29 January 2023
Quite tasty.

Soft and slightly chewy exterior, generous amount of fillings. Quite small in size.

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