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  • Olive Fried Rice

Olive Fried Rice

by Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant


3.97 (6)

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1 August 2021
This was good!

It was wayyy better than my previous review from the other restaurant!! I love that it was too salty and the olive taste was quite strong!!

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24 February 2021
Generous, lightly seasoned and unbeatable at foodcourt price point 💪👍


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1 October 2021
Second time eating this from here and damn it’s even better than the first!!

Eat this with their Tom yam soup and you literally don’t need anything else!!

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26 March 2022
Tastes good, but I wish that it has more veggies instead of just carrots.

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15 December 2019
Olive fried rice is not too oily!

Have ordered a large one to share w friends 😋!

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1 December 2019
Fuss free olive fried rice if you have no idea what you wanna eat!

Can’t go wrong with theirs!

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