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When you can have tempeh for your #mala, you know their mala is for you!!

Mala 麻辣 literally means numbing and spicy. Sometimes you only get one or the other but this one has both and boy was it 🔥 They even have stuffed eggplant and bittergourd slices. It's minimum $6 and $2/100g for all ingredients. I ordered the spiciest and it was so so good, numbing enough unlike most mala I've had. Moreover it wasn't oily nor too salty!!!!!!!!

Always satisfied with this restaurant with its variety, creativity of dishes. Tried a few times

and we tried Mala this time. Fantastic taste and not oily unlike those in the food courts. Now craving for it again!

Uhh I guess this is supposed to be Mala(?) okay but kopitiam one tastes so

much better. Like I mentioned previously THERES NO Sichuan peppers at all or the taste!! The ‘crabmeat’ kinda tastes like plastic and the maggi doesn’t really have any taste. Wouldn’t buy this again :(


We got two bowls of this. We got small spicy for the first bowl ($8.60)

and it wasn't spicy at all. We got a second bowl with medium spicy and the spice and numbness was apparent. I had to add quite a lot of food to make the minimum for the second bowl and the minimum was $6! Rather cheap for quite a lot of stuff.

Mala is not bad, lots of vegetables! Although tastes abit salty.

8+ including drink is so cheap. But taste is slightly compromised.. Hardly feel the ma

and an annoying metallic taste

OMG damn spicy for xiao la!! really cheap for $10.20 and lots of veggie options

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