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Most helpful reviews

The spinach and garlic stir fry is a favorite of mine, although all of the

green veggies are really good (also try to nai bai or dou miao!). It's a simple and healthy dish with fresh ingredients. DTF is always very consistently good quality, which is why it's one of my favorite restaurants in SG!

When you order any vegetable dishes at Din Tai Fung, make sure you ask for

it vegetarian. They will make it for you without the chicken stock - and it's so delicious.

So simple yet perfect. I can never figure out if this dish is sautéed or

steamed but whatever they do it’s perfect. The spinach shoots provide the perfect crunchy contrast to the leaves and garlic!

If you're vegan you have to inform the staff to make this vegan because it

usually isn't. It was surprisingly flavourful despite its bland appearance and of course, tasted very healthy 😛🌱

The spinach is great, perhaps just a bit behind the dou miao, but still plenty

delicious. Still a very worthwhile order for some green variety.

Not a big fan of spinach in general, but I think it was still cooked

quite well.

got this as they ran out of doumiao. not bad! but there was a slight

bitter aftertaste

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