Dumpling Noodle 水饺面

by D' life
3.92 (12)
  • Is Dumpling Noodle 水饺面 vegan? Yes! Dumpling Noodle 水饺面 is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Was so moody this 2 days! Grateful for the surprise

Lunch! 有伴一起享用美食真开心!
Got a shock when the waitress served the noodles 🙄 it was so big 😱 and we ordered so much 😂! The noodles was very yummy with the clear soup, fresh veggies and the dumplings 🥟!!! Must try ❤️

My friend had Dumpling Soup and she really liked it. She mentioned that the dumpling

filling felt a lot like real pork. Doubled checked...totally plant-based! Will come back to get this dish :D

The soup is good. However, I find the overall dish a bit boring. They only

put one type of green vegetable (lettuce). #crf

Dish was a bit plain, would have liked more greens (there was a piece of

lettuce) and could do with more shredded mushrooms / carrots / turnip in the dumpling itself. Having said that, it is only $4, noodles was well-cooked and had a nice smooth texture. Sufficient as an comforting and affordable meal. Also liked that staff was efficient and friendly.

I love dumplings but yesterday I really wanted noodles so...dumpling noodle soup I got. Good

taste. Some of the noodles were a bit hard. Aside from that I really liked it. They also have tons of healthy vegan/vegetarian options so yeah, coming back.

Replaced my wheat noodles with beehoon for a gluten sensitive meal. Not the first time

having it, but seems that the only veg option for this dish is lettuce with very low nutritional value. Otherwise, the soup base is pretty slurpy.

The soup was clean and nice to drink and the noodles were well done. I

think more dumplings can be added, as there were only 3 dumplings in the soup for $5 🍜

i liked the mince meat HAHA :') as a whole not too bad, altho ofc

if there was more dumplings  and/or more veggie other than lettuce it wld be better :D

Dumplings are of good quality and taste good but the soup is a bit on

the bland side

Dumplings were ok, noodles were special, overall an ok dish to try

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