Vegan Currywurst

by Curry 61
4.24 (17)
  • Is Vegan Currywurst vegan? Yes! Vegan Currywurst is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

A classic! A good currywurst covered in sauces and curry, as it has to be,

and with some crispy fries. Around 5.50€ #veganberlin

Honestly I doesn't like Currywurst very much but sometimes eat one when visiting Berlin. This

one tastes like any other Currywurst, hovewer the texture is a bit too creamy or like dough. It tastes quite ok and compared to the "original" ones really good because it is not that salty and fat.
PS: The mayonnaise is vegan too :)

Great vegan alternative for one of the must-eat dishes in Berlin! Mayo is vegan as

well, so you get the whole experience!

Io amo il currywurst, nella sua semplicità. Trovarlo in versione vegan è stata una gioia.

Consigliato per un pranzo al volo!

The most famous dish in Berlin...glad I could try it out. Not such a fan

but happy I got to try it

Very tasty Currywurst, the sauce is flavourful and the texture of the Wurst is perfect

imo, I was afraid they could have given me the wrong one 😅 I would recommend it to any vegan tourist roaming in the city center, but if you want to try the best one imo you should go to Yoyo Foodworld in Friedrichshain.
💸 €5,50 #veganinberlin #streetfood #junkfood #currywurst

Esta super buena !!! De sabor un 10!! Eso sii, hay que pedir ketchup em

vez de su salsa original porque esta ultima lleva miel. Un sitio genial para probar la famosa Currywurst 😋😋😋😋 #elvalleencantado

A Berlino è possibile trovare opzioni vegane praticamente ovunque. Buono questo curry wurst.


First curry wurst I have ever eaten. It was nice and the sauce was fine.

They sell the sauce if you want to buy a bottle of it.

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