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TWO WORDS: vegan donuts! They have super amazing weird and exotic flavors

This was a really good doughnut! Tasty and not too sweet, easy to eat the

whole thing in one go. The Pistachio cream was delicious

vegan maple bacon banana doughnut

this was delicious, my first ever vegan doughnut and it did

not disappoint. the dough itself was quite dense but the flavours were great. i’ve never had much of a sweet tooth and so i did find it somewhat sickly and probably should have eaten it in multiple sittings rather than one.

I got the coconut and lime flavour and was instantly surprised with a very creamy

coconut filling. It nice level of sweetness balanced by a strong lime zing. Thanks to the sourdough it was pretty airy too! A very even fluffy texture.

Incredible vegan donuts. Lots of options, the cinnamon bun is my favorite. Exceptionally kind

staff answering all dietary questions ! Huge plus that they are made by sourdough 👌🏼

The best doughnuts in London, by a long way!
Of course wish they were all vegan,

but the ones they have are great.

Good vegan donuts are very hard to find, but they have a whole menu here!

Plus these are made with sourdough ;)

AMAZING. Camden stall, bit expensive but worth every penny. Loads of vegan choice which never

happens. Yay x

Best doughnuts. They are light, not too sweet, healthy dough and they taste amazing 🌟

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