Eggplant Curry Rice (Mild)

  • Is Eggplant Curry Rice (Mild) vegan? Yes! Eggplant Curry Rice (Mild) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Love how the curry was rich in umami and wasn’t one-dimensional or too salty. It

went really well with the soft, thick & juicy eggplant slices, as well as the short-grain rice. This would have been even better if the rice was chewier, of higher quality, and mixed with a bit of vinegar and sesame oil (like sushi rice). Looking forward to when JUST egg arrives in Singapore, which may open the opportunity of Coco Ichibanya launching a vegan omelette rice! :3 #rice #nuseats #japanesefood #eggplant #curryrice #curry #japanesecurry #cocoichibanya

Finally found a Japanese curry place that serves meatfree versions! The eggplant is delicious, very

filling portion!

Flavourful and generous in serving! I liked that there was spinach in the curry as

well. Hopefully more vegetables will be incorporated into the dish sometime :).


Haven't eaten Coco Ichibanya since before CB - so wonderful to be reunited with it

again. 😍 This is true comfort food - there's just something about pairing rice with Japanese curry, which at standard level is sweet and ever so mildly spicy. Loved adding texture to the dish with eggplant and spinach, as well as a tangy side of kimchi. The pickles here are the BOMB btw - they add a tart loveliness to every bite.

This definitely tastes better than it looks! The Japanese curry is so flavorful, and the

rice texture is so good, this is a dish full of umami. Pity no protein source, would love tofu or beans. You can choose your spicy level too. Still for $13.90 I feel it’s not worth it as the ingredients are pretty simple. Got this with the set of salad and miso and was super full!

pretty average but the price is like :O💸💸$13.50 but $15.90 after gst😭😭😭 other than the

sauce being slightly peppery, everything about this is very mediocre. I’m happy that they offer vegan options though!

It was so good! I got the mild flavour cause I can't take the heat

but it was really good to eat! The eggplants were so creamy and delicious and paired well with the curry itself though I wished that there were other ingredients we could enjoy.

I love how the curry here is all began, even though it’s quite expensive. I

added mushrooms to make the dish more balanced.

It’s ok and I’m glad there’s a vegan option in the restaurant, but wouldn’t go

specially for it cuz it’s kinda pricey for those simple ingredients.

eggplant was roasted to just the right level, it was soft whilst being relatively firm


kinda pricey tho, 13.50 (not including gst & service charge yet)

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