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CV Slammer

by Cleveland Vegan


4.65 (4)

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2 October 2021
So filling!

This bowl is LOADED with a house made vegan omelet, lentil patty, potato cake, crispy kale, onion, sausage gravy, coconut bacon, scallions and sourdough toast. Every savory breakfast food you could want all in one bowl!!! #veganisnotscary

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6 January 2020
Delicious and favor in every bite!

The sour dough needs to be drenched in the sauce

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25 March 2019
The bowl on the right is the first thing I tried at Cleveland Vegan.

Amazing and very filling.

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23 January 2022
Not sure I’ll give the best review for this because I didn’t eat

it until it was cold :// but it was okayyyy. The gravy and potatoes were good, but the “eggs” didn’t taste like eggs. Was almost floury. I’m sure it would have tasted much better warm!!

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