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  • Banana Leaf Dry Braised Beef Rendang

Banana Leaf Dry Braised Beef Rendang

by Casserole


4.50 (2)

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4 March 2023
Very satisfied with my order! Delicious dish with a unique and creative combination of flavours.

The rendang had a rich and spicy sauce and the mock beef had a meaty texture which complimented the rice and fresh vegetables really well. The blue rice was also visually appealing and added a different look to the dish. The toppings like the crackers and chili sauce were a nice touch to finish the dish. I did find the rendang a bit oily though, which made me feel full, but very tasty nonetheless. #veganfood #veganisnotscary

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Absolutely loved it, the “meat” was so tender and real tasting. No weird after taste

or anything. The “prawn” cracker was so yum too. The sambal was the only thing disappointing cause it wasn’t spicy at all.

Fyi the waiter that served us kept saying the restaurant is 100% vegan (when there were clearly dairy items on the menu) and mixing vegan and vegetarian up, so choose items based on the menu as the staff may not be knowledgeable about vegan requirements.

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