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Most helpful reviews

I was a regular customer lol! That says enough. They made my stay in Jakarta

so much happier. #jaan

Mushroom and carrot is a must.. soy deliciouusss 👍🏻#jaan

For those of you who’s not fond of beans, this might not be the one,

the filling taste of beans for me is too dominant, but still kuddos for the wrapping, it’s beautifully wrapped and crunchy!

Ingredients: Gyozan skin, shiitake mushroom,carrot, white cabbage, sesame oil, soy sauce, texturized soy protein, cornstarch, white pepper, sea salt.

This savory starter always satisfy my craving for something crunchy yet guilt free lol. Everything

is on point 👌🏼 however like many of its menu I can still taste the coconut oil (which I don’t prefer in savory foods) but other than that, this one is always my go to

I love how soft it is. And it tastes really good. I even deep fried

this and it's even better.

💓💗💞💘💖💝💕💗💓💞💘💖💝💕 i seriously love this restaurant so much

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