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Apple Pie Donut

by Brammibal's Donuts


4.30 (4)

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1 December 2020
Brammibals is my favourite Place, when a sweet sinn is needed.

The donuts are Made really fresh everyday. They are sweet. But sometimes i enjoy...

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18 October 2020
What’s better than mixing Apple with vegan donuts?

Can’t go wrong with this one!

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24 November 2019
This was one of my favourite donuts so far.

It was smooth, not too sweet and the the apple mash tasted selfmade.

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7 May 2023
One of my faves, still very sweet but I love how the different textures interact

with each other. I just wish there were less sugar so I could understand better how it actually tastes.

#veganinberlin #vegandonut #applepie

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