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Can't stress enough how good this place is, I was never a Sushi person until

I went vegan and found out this shit is to die for lol plus you know no suffering is occupied while buying these products, if only we could stop people from continuing to pay to torture others....

Still my favorite roll at Blue! You don’t even need to dip it in sauce-

it has so much flavor depth. Slightly spicy this time around. I could eat this 8 piece roll everyday!

This restaurant was very vegan-friendly. My favorite of my lunch order was the crunchy cabbage

maki, which was the PERFECT scrumptious mix of tempura napa cabbage, firm tofu, rice, seaweed, and a spicy creamy sauce. Perfect on its own for a light lunch 🤤 Totally recommend!

**I've had this menu item before and it tasted a lot better, but this time,

it wasn't as good as I had in the past.""
Ingredients: tofu and napa cabbage vegan tempura, scallion, vegan creamy spicy sauce.
I love it when they make the cabbage crispy!

This is the vegan crunchy cabbage maki roll! It has tofu in it as well

and a spicy mayo sauce. I’d recommend asking for the spicy sauce on the side rather than in the roll so that you can modify how spicy it is!

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