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  • Cowgirl (vegan Maki)
  • Cowgirl (vegan Maki)

Cowgirl (vegan Maki)

by Blue Sushi Sake Grill


4.77 (13)

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29 October 2022
This place has the best vegan sushi I have tried yet!

So worth it!

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20 February 2022
Onion rings and a pickle in a sushi roll, say no more I’m all

in😋 need more!! Perfect flavors and texture and unique sushi roll

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9 July 2022
Other than the vegan cowgirl, also had vegan black dragon and another vegan veggie roll.

The cowgirl is ok but the vegan black dragon is top shelf standing and amazing!!!! Go get it right now. I was never a sushi person but after going vegan I'm loving vegan...

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4 July 2022
Top of picture.

Sriracha fried onion rings with BBQ and vegan mayo. Delicious. #uplandspeak

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29 January 2021
The cowgirl roll continues to be my favorite sushi roll.

I dip it in low sodium soy sauce with wasabi mixed in. I also love that their sliced ginger isn’t colored pink. I always finish mine...and yours, if you don’t want it!

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1 March 2023
What a unique and tasty roll!

It is like they took the essence of a barbecue wrap and put it in a sushi roll. Probably not for everyone, but I sure liked it. #sushi #fusion #unique

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21 October 2021
Lovely sushi at a great restaurant with well labelled vegan options

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13 June 2021
Sodium delicious (see what I did there???) But seriously this dish was so tasty it’s

like a smokehouse burger in sushi form I highly recommend.

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