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  • Veganized: Umami Bomb Pizza
  • Veganized: Umami Bomb Pizza

Veganized: Umami Bomb Pizza

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.50 (25)

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24 November 2020
The crust is absolutely MAGIC!! It’s crazy how great this pizza tastes without cheese. The

mushroom, greens, and onions go incredibly well together with the tomato base. 💕

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This is a really good pizza - the corn crust is gluten free, it s

fluffy and crispy. The toppings are just perfect, not too much not too little. Wow! Really well done :) and what an experience!

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Shiitake mushrooms, spinach, red onions. Sounds simple right? Not when you put it on their

delicious cornmeal crust. This pizza is nuts, this place is fun, really nothing better in Singapore when it comes to pizza. Just be sure to ask for it #veganized

#bestof #umami

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🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 All I can say is Blue Label has the best vegan pizza in Singapore.

No they do not do vegan cheese but the pizza is probably better for it. Amazing ingredients, deliciously tangy red sauce and a crust that they ferment for 24 hours and then cover in cornmeal. It’s $30 and worth every penny!

#bestof #veganized #bluelabelpizza

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Ok so I can’t get enough of this pizza. These guys are serious when they

say this thing has #umami. And the staff is really good about #veganize’in it with their delicious tomato 🍅 sauce. Trending big time in my round pizza heart right now! And love the classic rock music vibe!

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As you can tell, I’m pretty much in love with Blue Label Pizza. 🍕🍕 This

umami bomb pizza is SO DELISH that even though I had this a couple of weeks back, I still dream about it very frequently 🌚 Top tip is to order the CORNMEAL crust. Best. Crust. Ever. 💯💯 No great photos because I was too busy munching da pizza 🙊 #pizzasofabv

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Be sure to #veganize this one!
I Loved this pizza. I love me a thin crust

with crunch and great flavours. This pizza is proof that you don’t need cheese to make a pizza absolutely delicious. Idk what flour they used to make the based but it gave it a different texture and taste to it and I wish I could have some right now as I look at the photo and remember how it tasted.

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