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Most helpful reviews

The mecca of doughnuts. The holy one. Best doughnut ever, I declare!!!!!!!! Stuffed with funfetti

icing that was just bursting out and bursting with flavour, fluffy pieces of cake on top, like what?! Insane. 3 of us shared this one lol. So decadent. So perfect.

I LOVE this flavour. Amazing birthday cake pieces on top! And the colourful icing in

the middle is so good.

Vom. Terrible doughnut. The filling is at least nice. Weird flavor that you think would

be, good, but alas.

All of their doughnuts are amazing. So filling you could eat them as a replacement

for a meal. I had the birthday cake and it blew my mind! The icing as filling in the center, the bits of cake on top! I dream of this doughnut sometimes. Get it if you like sweet and sugary goodness. This place is so nice and worth the visit.

Always a delight having a beechwood donut. Perfect for a birthday; filling is generous and

-Mom’s review: “liked the filling but I would get a different flavour next time ”
-Dad’s review: “a heavy donut is a good donut”
-Sister’s review: “too sweet, I’d have it again if it didn’t have the filling”

This donut is amazing. The cream filling is nice and light and donut tastes just

like a birthday cake.

Gives as sugar high like no other! The filling is some kind of whipped cream

I think

Seriously the best birthday cake donut ever! Every bite is so good

Very sweet and sugary, just like a birthday cake should be! My wife’s favourite

of all the ones we tried.

This flavour was my favourite one!! Anything birthday cake flavoured is great. It actually wasn’t

overly sweet.

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