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Mac & Cheese

by Be Love


4.80 (6)

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6 April 2018
Be Love's Mac & Cheese is brown rice macaroni, coconut-cashew cheese sauce, spring vegetables &

greens, herbed walnut parmesan. Its never disappointing.

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16 April 2018
This is my favourite mostly vegan restaurant in town. They create delicious vegan versions of

some of my old favourite foods such as Mac n cheese and pulled pork. The Mac n cheese has an incredible savoury white cheddar style sauce. The nut Parmesan is plentiful and flavourful. I love the bok choy that adds a freshness to the dish. The raw seeded cracker is unnecessary. The one issue with the dish is sometimes you get a huge portion, and sometimes it is quite small. I’m happy to pay $15 dollars, but it needs to be consistent in size for that price.

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