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Piña Clavo

by Analogue


4.56 (9)

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26 September 2021
Grilled pineapple and clove ice cream - it was by far the most adventurous dessert I

ever had. I recommend to make sure to have everything in the spoon and not to eat the different parts separately 🍍🍧

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21 March 2022
Loved this dessert!

It’s an interesting combination of clove ice cream, grilled pineapple and chickpea tuille. It’s so unique - recommend trying if you’re feeling adventurous.

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19 June 2022
You can’t go wrong with grilled pineapple, fermented chilli, clove ice cream & chickpea

tulle 😋😋😋 Delish with every bite! We wanted to try their ice cream sandwich but it was sold out, this was still a good alternative anyway.

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29 September 2022
Grilled pineapple sprinkled with fermented chilli, clove ice cream (very interesting flavour!) and chickpeas tuille.

It's good!

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2 December 2021
Pineapples were good but I think the chilli was a bit much for me personally.

The ice cream was fantastic and went well with the pineapples! It was good but I think I’d like a different dessert next time

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14 November 2022
Super original dessert!

The clove in the ice cream is definitely pronounced, and not to everyone’s taste. The pineapple and tuille really balance it out, make sure to get the perfect bite with a bit of everything!

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26 March 2022
Loved the combination.

Definitely a good end to the meal! (Avoid if you are not a big spices person though)

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2 March 2022
I was pleasantly surprised by this savoury dessert!

To enjoy, make sure to get a little of everything in one bite, as recommended by the servers. 😋

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22 October 2021
Truly the experience was unforgettable.

Modern, eco-conscious, friendly staff and lovely ambience + novel dishes

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