Celeriac Ratatouille

by Analogue
4.46 (7)
  • Is Celeriac Ratatouille vegan? Yes! Celeriac Ratatouille is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

@lowxizhi and I never figured out what the crispy thing above was but the basil

oil here was really incredible

Beautifully presented with different textures. Delicious! The tomato sauce is on the sweet side, I'd

recommend to share with a savory dish

This was a little disappointing - though I did like the smokey flavour, it kind

of overpowered the veggie stew.


The sauce did not overpower the vegetables. Vegetables did not just melt into the sauce.

Love the balance

Am ok with this. Not too crazy over it, its lovely, i like the taste

n crunchy bits on top. It's lovely tomato based but not too strong kind of taste.
It's nice, but this is not something i'll have again wen i dine here next.

Very tasty & had a Smokey taste to it. The smallish portion is perfect for

this dish & it was quite rich tasting.
The food here is generally a bit pricey but well worth it

This was like a mini pasta dish that was very comforting! A little too tomatoey

for my liking but still delicious nonetheless.

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