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[Tofu Sticks]
Easily my favourite dish, the tofu sticks were chalked full of flavour and were

ultra crispy on the outside whilst retaining its soft springy interior. The notes of salty and umami were well balanced and elevated the humble tofu sticks. 10/10 would recommend!!!

Best of the best among all items. The smokey taste on the tofu raises eyebrows!

I also like the salad that come with it. I am definitely coming back just to eat this.

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Good company good food 🤣 this was actually quite yummy

but I felt a bit hard to chew/bite and swallow it (toothache) 😃 my friend ate 90% of it.

$12. Reminds me of pan fried fish which I used to like! :))

Ingredients: Tofu |

Korean Style Special Sauce [Onion I Garlic | Chilli I Soy Sauce]

These tofu sticks are from one block of tofu. I don't know how they marinated

them so tasty!!! Bursting with flavour. They came with a side salad and lemon. Quite pricey at $12++ for the portion, but the novelty and cafe ambience is there. I decided to get a side to further support the cafe since they offer abillion users a free main + drink if we review them after. But it was A LOT of food I ended up VERY FULL as the pasta is a big portion + very spicy that needed to be washed down with drink and water. This cafe is more classy, very cool concept as it's attached to a pottery studio. I believe their ceramic bowls are made by the studio. If you want to review and get a free meal on them, sign up here

Fried but not greasy beancurd, drizzled in a special housemade sauce consisting of sesame oil,

soy sauce, and kelp. Looked simple but was surprisingly tasty! Somehow it reminded me of the flavours of BBQ chicken wings?! Contained alliums. ($12)

I enjoyed the satisfying crunch of Am I Addicted’s twigim tofu sticks ($12), and the

much-needed squeeze of lemon that added a pop of brightness and acidity. However, the insides were slightly dry due to the use of firm tofu; personally, I prefer fried soft tofu which makes for a wonderfully soft, crisp, and tender bite. Nothing too special but not bad for sharing!

Tried the tofu stick as saw the review that it’s a popular dish among ppl!

Requested for no alliums and it tasted not bad! But thought it could be nicer if there’s some chilli powder or sth to it for no allium options hehe

Menu says it's cooked with Korean special sauce but I can't really taste what's special

about it. Would have preferred the simple version of fried tofu instead. Tastes ok but probably not a dish I will repeat.

Loved the presentation. But I personally didn’t like the weird sauce. It has a weird

smell and adds an abnormal flavour I had to ask for chilli sauce to go with it.

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