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Twigim Tofu Sticks

by Am I Addicted - Pottery Studio & V Cafe


4.39 (16)

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18 July 2022
#EveryEffortCount #19Jul #179/365 #1133

Good company good food 🤣 this was actually quite yummy but I felt a bit hard to chew/bite and swallow it (toothache) 😃 my friend ate 90% of it.

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28 July 2022
These tofu sticks are from one block of tofu.

I don't know how they marinated them so tasty!!! Bursting with flavour. They came with a side salad and...

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12 February 2022
$12. Reminds me of pan fried fish which I used to like! :))

Ingredients: Tofu | Korean Style Special Sauce [Onion I Garlic | Chilli I Soy Sauce]

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10 July 2022
The tofu sticks were very good as a snack - a bit of a Smokey flavour.

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1 August 2022
Loved the presentation.

But I personally didn’t like the weird sauce. It has a weird smell and adds an abnormal flavour I had to ask for chilli sauce to go with it.

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29 June 2022
hmm this was pretty good the first bite but got a little boring and one

dimensional after a while. crisp but slightly tough on the inside. would prefer if there was some dip to go along with it bc it got quite dry after a while!

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3 July 2022
[Tofu Sticks]

Easily my favourite dish, the tofu sticks were chalked full of flavour and were ultra crispy on the outside whilst retaining its soft springy interior. The notes of salty and umami were well balanced and elevated the humble tofu sticks. 10/10 would recommend!!!

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1 June 2022
Menu says it's cooked with Korean special sauce but I can't really taste what's

special about it. Would have preferred the simple version of fried tofu instead. Tastes ok but probably not a dish I will repeat.

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18 July 2022
Love this dish!

Great for sharing :D will be back for the ice cream..

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16 January 2022
Fried tofusticks.

also tried dipping in chilli sauce 😋

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