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Our favourite dish in this cafe! It has vegan seafood, pasta and rice cakes with

a spicy sauce. Loved it!!

Imo if you’re coming here, you should order this- represents the Korean vegan cafe well

with lots of mock fish things, tteok, pasta and it was quite spicy!!

Wow interesting taste on this pasta, quite spicy very Korean flavored sauce, ingredients were fresh.

Interesting fusion dish! Liked the combination of sweet, spicy, and savoury. Generous portions and ingredients,

but wished the sauce was thicker/creamier.

Unique Korean and Italian fusion pasta noodles served with rice cakes, vegan cheese, konjac 'squid',

and konjac 'shrimp' drenched in spicy ddokbokki sauce. Liked the sauce! Personally would have preferred other plant-based alternatives (e.g. 'seafood tofu', soy 'sausage', carrot or coconut 'bacon', etc) to provide more variety in nutrition and texture to an otherwise carb-heavy dish. (*Contains alliums) ($22)

[Torta Di Riso Pasta]
This dish presents a unique take on Korean-Italian fusion food. The incorporation

of pasta into the Korean based dish was certainly a refreshing one and felt very apt. The tteokbokki base sauce brought the other Korean vegan elements of the dish together (Kojnac and vegan prawns) and really sold the dish for me. Overall, the dish was delicious! :D

Wow!!!! What a unique pasta with Korean flavours, that's why I wanted to try! It

was extremely spicy for me - even after they lowered the spice level, and large portion! The sauce was spicy, sweet and sour, very nice but I would've tasted it better if less spicy. Lots of vegan seafood inside like prawns and squid which was nice. I think the white tubes were rice cake though they looked like crab sticks. They sprinkled vegan cheese on top yay! But I couldn't taste it very well probably due to the strong flavours already. I believe they used the ceramic bowls they make themselves since they have a ceramic studio. Very very cool unique fusion meal. Pretty pricey at $22++ this is a more classy place. All vegetarian cafe that has clearly labeled vegan dishes and those that can be made vegan. I was sponsored by them to eat for free if I review on abillion! You can get a free main and drink from them too if you review on abillion as they are trying to get more reviews. Sign up here

$22. Super generous portion (can feed abt 2 ppl) & includes spicy gochujang!

- Vegan Based

Squid & Shrimp | Vegan Cheese | Ddokbokki Sauce | Korean Rice Cake | Pasta Noodle | Onion I Leek

I can’t handle spice well so this dish was certainly too spicy for me! Dish

contained classic Korean ingredients like rice cake and ddeokbokki sauce, wasn’t a big fan of the textures and tastes of the vegan based squid and shrimp.

I never really thought gochujang could be a good base for pasta. This was an

interesting dish to have pasta with rice cakes – on the sweeter side with a bit spice. Way too much pasta even for 2 people.

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