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  • Grilled Cheese Kimchi Sandwich
  • Grilled Cheese Kimchi Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Kimchi Sandwich

by Am I Addicted - Pottery Studio & V Cafe


4.33 (25)

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24 March 2022
Pretty yummy sandwich with kimchi and #vegan cheese!

Imo not super worth the price and would like to try making it myself at home 👽 I don’t think junhaochanjh would be full from this dish alone 🥲

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18 January 2022
You can’t go wrong with kimchi and cheese in a sandwich.

This had a bit more white cabbage than anticipated in the middle, otherwise really good kimchi. Without the anchovies obvi.

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24 July 2022
Love the combination of kimchi and vegan cheese.

The crispy sourdough goes well with everything. It’s the fusion idea that got me to try this.

I’m quite a big eater, furthermore kimchi, to me, kinda like an appetiser that makes me to eat other...

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16 January 2022
Made of vegan cheese, kimchi, salad and bread.

The bread is well toasted, crispy. Awesome cheese and Kimchi pairing ! This is my 2nd...

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28 February 2022
Bread was toasted to crispy.

Scrapes on the roof of mouth(in case you have a problem with crispy food). But generally tasted good with the kimchi and cheese combination. Portion is small for the price.

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11 March 2022
It just has the right amount of spiciness.

And I like the vegetable were still crunchy when served.

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11 August 2022
Very impressed with this sandwich!

It has a grilled/smokey taste and the kimchi is flavourful. Has a subtle grilled cheese flavour and texture, compliments the kimchi well. Not cheap but would recommend trying.

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9 July 2022
The bread was super crispy and went really well with the kimchi and vegan cheese.

Very filling dish

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3 July 2022
A good ole grilled cheese sandwich with a generous portion of kimchi that overpowered the

cheese. Would prefer having more cheese. Kimchi is pretty balanced, not...

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