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High Tea

by Alibi Bar


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10 July 2020
High tea at Alibi is an incredible experience. Bookings are essential. The cakes and savory

delicacies are presented exquisitely, with a great deal of care being put into each offering. The tea is freeflowing, with a large selection on offer.

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I am not a high tea expert but had such a wonderful experience at Alibi!

All of their treats were delicious, good balance of sweet and salty bites. They also offer free flow coffee and tea. You can get one drink included or unlimited mimosas/cocktails for a higher price. Overall great experience!

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Loved the whole contemporary high tea experience with a selection of delicious and beautifully presented

savoury and sweet bites to eat, all served with a range of amazing teas + coffee + choice of bubbles.

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