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23 November 2022
Craft your own comes in 2 sizes. This is the larger one - Unconditional love.

All the ingredients tasted so good! Kale was fresh. Love the cashew pesto and the scrambler. Blueberry was sweet!

Base: crunchy kale and cold pasta
Protein: scrambler (scrambled tofu) and sataysified (tofu in spicy peanut sauce)
Veggies: mango bango and roasted vegetable medley
Toppings: edamame and fresh cucumber
Dressing: cashew pesto
Fruit: blueberry

Price: $14.90
$13.41 - There is a 10% off for NUH and NUS Staff/ Students


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There are two sizes for the craft your own bowl - love ($9.90) and unconditional

love ($14.90). This is love which consists of the following:

Base: krunchy kale salad
Protein: scrambler (scrambled tofu)
Veggie: sweet mess (sweet potato mash)
Toppings: roasted chickpeas and pickled sesame carrots
Homemade dressing: cashew pesto

Fresh ingredients and great flavour. Good range of options to choose from.


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8 September 2023
Craft your own bowl - love bowl

im so so sad Ahimsa has changed their

menu and increased prices 😭😭😭

1 base - lemon herbed quinoa
1 protein - CCF tofu
1 veggie - edamame
2 toppings - walnuts, roasted hazelnuts
1 dressing - moringa cashew pesto

yummy, but it tastes like what it sounds, nothing spectacular, wouldnt pay $10.90

#ahimsa #nuseats #kentridge #craftyourownbowl

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I love restaurants that serve wholesome plantbased food. ahimsa cafe is a plant based cafe,

with healthy, wholesome food. This bowl has curried cauliflower, grilled veggies, chia, sunflower seeds, blue pandan rice and cashew pesto sauce. Must try if you're looking for healthy wholesome food. #veganisnotscary

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love the sesame and soy sauce glaze of the tofu; blue pea basmati rice had

a nics fragrance without being overpowering; truffle flavour of the truffle mayo wasnt v strong, but otherwise everything in this was well-seasoned, was such a flavourful bowl of both veggies and protein, made for a really satisfying lunch 😍😍


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damn good sia wtf!!!!!! this unassuming salad bowl is one of the best meals i’ve

had this year!!!!

idk wtf is in the tofu scramble but it’s damn good. everything is seasoned super well and i love the sweet potato mash too!!!!

this was my order for $11.90:
- sweet potato mash
- tofu scramble
- roasted broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, capsicum
- croutons (seasoned w smth i forgot)
- roasted sesame dressing
+ additional fresh greens (lettuce)

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THE FOOD HERE IS PHENOMENAL my god. Legit the beacon of wholesome and nutritious vegan

food. And the people working here just add so much cheer and wholesome vibes to this small cafe tucked in the basement corner of NUH medical center.

Featuring a thick sourdough toastie (the best kind), spread with cashew pesto sauce (SO GOOOOOD), topped with scrambled tofu, grilled veggies and avo. Each time I come and try a new topping, I get surprised by how good vegetables can taste.

11/10 recommend

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Finally managed to check off another to-go vegan places! I enjoyed the soy tofu very

much. The sauce goes very well with their blue pea basmati rice!! The veggies added a nice complement to my meal without being too oily. A place definitely worth a revisit especially with their awesome service!

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I loved this! I got scrambled tofu with guac on white bread, with croutons and

seeds and their vegan cheese. I could do without the croutons. My partner got their cashew pesto and that was super nice, so can recommend that!

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