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What a nice addition to their poke bowls. Avocado instead of fish makes a smooth

texture and goes really well with brown rice

Very good experience. This a repeat order and we all love this bowl. Dressing also

is very tasty.

When I first tried this dish a year back I absolutely loved it! It’s pretty

much the same a year later. One vegan option which is avocado 🥑, a lot of avocado but not now they mix cherry tomatoes 🍅 which I’m not a fan of. Keep it pure 💪🏽 My favorite ingredient is the seaweed and the toasted garlic is great!

#poke #poketheory

The last time I had a Poké bowl was when I was a pescetarian! The

avocado poké wasnt really poké, more of something between guac and avocado pureé lol. I asked for sushi rice and all topping except the premium ones so I can retain it at $9.90. Wakame, pineapple and beetroot was really good but the shredded carrot tasted too raw for my liking. Probably would go for the quinoa next time, the boards were confusing as it was L to R when the queue goes R to L 🤔

Love this dish and still one of my favorite refreshing lunchtime options in Singapore but

giving this 2⭐️ today for presentation and value because the avocado 🥑 which is the key option for the vegan bowl was super black / didn’t look fresh and there was way too much tomato mixed in with the avocado which feels like they’re trying to cut corners. They don’t do that with the animal-based protein options!

They seriously hook it up here with a 150 grams of avocado on top of

a bed of herb quinoa and covered with crunchy fresh veggies. Especially love the seaweed and the herb pesto dressing!

This was really delicious and filling! The burst of flavours from the pineapple and wakame

salad left me wanting more. Only problem is that there's not much carbs in it. Would love to see a bit of rice in there.

I love the guacamole and the Quinoa! ItS shoyu dlavour I thInk and very taSty

:) They have lots of fresh toppings too. Filling but Super expensive :( they have free toppings

Good as expected! Small size was enough for me. Wish there were some choices of

plant protein.

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