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Beyond Meat Burger

by A&W Canada


4.24 (27)

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5 March 2021
Option dos on fast food run.

A quick pause when the voice on the intercom said "All burgers are cooked on the same grill." 😯 Hmm. 🤔 If I'm one more person selecting the alternative, that makes us that much closer to meat-free, right? Worth...

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16 June 2021
The A&W Beyond burgers are great.

They are quick to make and they will add patties so you can do a burger challenge with them. 😂.

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17 August 2019
How I remember burgers tasting!

I do wish they had vegan mayo/sauce but I like that A&W have compostable packaging and paper straws #blackgoat

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6 June 2021
Great tasting burger!

The patty was not dry or too firm. Perfect patty size and well garnished, freshly prepared.

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11 May 2021
If you get a coupon for these they are worth it in a pinch and

if you don’t have a coupon for this burger but you have a coupon for the mama burger or a mama burger combo you can “upgrade to beyond“ for $1.50 if you have a whole family going there’s often a coupon for a family meal and you can upgrade each of the sandwiches in the family meal to a beyond and then just don’t get the bacon or cheese or mayo and feed four people for $30 

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1 August 2019
Having the option to grab a plant-based burger on the road is amazing!!

I think it’s reasonably priced and every time I’ve had it, it’s been fresh and tasty. I like getting fries to go with the burger and a root beer in one of their frosted cups. #blackgoat

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11 August 2021
Order the beyond burger with no Mayo to make it vegan.

It shouldn’t come with cheese even if you don’t specify this but I usually do just in case. It’s very inexpensive at 7-8 dollars for a vegan burger and it’s very enjoyable. The vegetables are always fresh and crisp which is great.”

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15 December 2019
I like this burger, I’d love it if they added some vegan cheese.

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4 August 2019
It was delicious and I was delighted to see that they had compostable packaging.

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