Beyond Meat Burger

by A&W Canada
4.24 (27)
  • Is Beyond Meat Burger vegan? Yes! Beyond Meat Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

If you get a coupon for these they are worth it in a pinch and

if you don’t have a coupon for this burger but you have a coupon for the mama burger or a mama burger combo you can “upgrade to beyond“ for $1.50 if you have a whole family going there’s often a coupon for a family meal and you can upgrade each of the sandwiches in the family meal to a beyond and then just don’t get the bacon or cheese or mayo and feed four people for $30 

Having the option to grab a plant-based burger on the road is amazing!! I

think it’s reasonably priced and every time I’ve had it, it’s been fresh and tasty. I like getting fries to go with the burger and a root beer in one of their frosted cups. #blackgoat

How I remember burgers tasting! I do wish they had vegan mayo/sauce but I like

that A&W have compostable packaging and paper straws #blackgoat

This is such a great
Option for on the go. It’s exactly how I remember a

burger and fries being!

This is my favourite breakfast sandwich. I wish it was available all day. Very filling

and delicious.

It's the best vegan burger I've had so far. I also liked the fact that

they had compostable bags

Order the beyond burger with no Mayo to make it vegan. It shouldn’t come with

cheese even if you don’t specify this but I usually do just in case. It’s very inexpensive at 7-8 dollars for a vegan burger and it’s very enjoyable. The vegetables are always fresh and crisp which is great.”

One of the best burgers!
I would recommend it to all meat eaters as I

believe it has more flavour and less cruelty. Would recommend to all vegans as well.
You do have to ask “no mayo” so it doesn’t come 100% vegan.
I also wish it weren’t as expensive as the other non-vegan other burger options.
Overall this burger is definitely worth it.

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