Battered Banana Blossom and Chips

by The Line
4.91 (14)
  • Is Battered Banana Blossom and Chips vegan? Yes! Battered Banana Blossom and Chips is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Savour the 'flower' of a banana - marinated and fried in seasoned batter, served with french fries and creamy egg-free tartar sauce. Specially curated by Chef Damian Piedrahita, Shangri-La's Hotel Singapore's very own plant-based chef.


gluten and soya


gluten and soya

About the restaurant

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Most helpful reviews

Tried out the banana flower fish n chips yesterday at the Line restaurant at Shangri

La - it’s really good! The “fish” has a real seafood flavour to it and loved the tartare sauce and the beetroot purée and crunchy veggie chips that were served with it. The fries were ok, but best if they were proper thick cut fries British style. Definitely going back for this dish!

Haven’t had fish in months since we transitioned to a plant-based diet, and this tasted

so amazingly similar to Fish & Chips 😍 definitely would head back again for this

Vegan Fish & Chips - unique and delicious! Available a la carte, so you

can add on from the buffet or order the dish solo.

This is incredible, taste like fish and chips, cant tell that this is vegetarian. The

nori taste is amazing!

I tried it couple of weeks ago at the line, a restaurant inside the Shangri-La

hotel and I really liked it, never had a banana blossom before!

I guess this is 100% authentic vegan food, created by a very talented chef, I

would definitely try it again, and bring my family too

Banana blossom that taste like fish... well I didn’t believe it myself!

Well done!
I’m used @vegan dishes, even if I eat everything, but I have to

tell that this one really impressed me as never before. Fish taste was incredible!

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