Vegan Coconut Chocolate Cake

by Mezza9
4.56 (15)
  • Is Vegan Coconut Chocolate Cake vegan? Yes! Vegan Coconut Chocolate Cake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Pura maravilla ❤️ esponjocito y con sabor a chocolate super intenso 🤤

Ameeeeeee!!! Demasiado demasiado rica!! Una compañera de la pega la trajo por su cumple y

voló xq estaba muy muy buena!!!

Yummy cake that was really light tasting, especially the white coconut cream. Felt quite healthy

and much lighter than other chocolate cakes. Thanks @meowmeowfuzzyface for sharing her #birthdaycake 🎂🍰

Really rare for a vegan cake to be this light and not greasy. Coconut shavings

were a nice touch while the chocolate was just right in sweetness. Thanks @meowmeowfuzzyface for sharing birthday cake pt.2 and literally cake for breakfast 😆

Probably the lightest chocolate cake I've ever eaten and there's no telling that it's vegan!

Coconut and chocolate is always a winning combo and totally reminded me of Rafaello. #sgtop50

📸 @meowmeowfuzzyface

Thank you @meowmeowfuzzyface for the cake and photo! Thought the cake itself was a little

dry but the cream frosting was so on point and delicious 😍💖it was definitely the best part of the cake! Also thought it had some slightly saltish soy sauce taste but it was very interesting :O

One of the bestest vegan cake I’ve tasted. Super yums. Wish they will create more

vegan cakes. Even my mom agreed the cake is very deeleeshiohs. The cream is shooooo heavenly.. 😋

My baby can’t eat the cake cos it’s chocolate flavour but she still get the coconut shreds and some cream. Btw I wish the whole cake is all cream. Lol. •liu kou shui•

Coconut and chocolate, what a delectable combination! Got this as a birthday cake for a

vegan-ish friend and we absolutely loved it. I could not tell that it was a vegan cake, which is a stellar outcome! Mezza9 service was great, they made this for me in 2 hours.


Nice coconut flakes over a simple chocolate cake. The taste is 10/10 simply because its

a chocolate cake, and no one hates chocolate cakes ;)

The coconut was crunchy though, tasted like a healthy chip.

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