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Got to try this #sgtop50 dish from Rebel Gurl and I can’t believe I took

THIS LONG to actually get it! Conveniently located in triple one, it’s not too far if you’re in town. Tasted so good with a good sauce, healthy lettuce, crunchy bread and quorn! All for $7.50!

Can’t wait to come back here again!

Loved the texture and the flavour. The #quorn patties was crispy and tasty. It's better

when you have it at the restaurant. They're planning to make their Asian po boys vegan.. I can't wait to try that.. #quorn

Vegan H.A.L.T consists of quorn patties, avocado, lettuce and tomato. Good size portion, ingredients were

fresh and tasted delicious.


The avocado and tomato are my two favorite ingredients. I asked for no vegan mayo.

Instead I had some chili sauce. #crf

Quite a big sandwich for me ($7.60 if I remember correctly). Definitely bigger and tastier

than Subway! They used Quorn for the patty which was yummy.. I like that there’s avocado inside. The staff was very nice and friendly too! I’ll be back again. :D #sandwich

Yom! This Sando brings me right back to Hanoi with the crunchy yet soft baguette

but with way better (and kinder) fillings. I can see why this is a #Top50 dish for sure! #veganin2020

Words can't describe how happy I felt from this burger. But people allergic to gluten

may take note to avoid. #crf

$9.90 ala carte, $13.90 with side and canned drink. The quorn patties are quite on

the dry side but the mayo and avocado made it much better! The bread was amazingly soft and crisp.
This outlet is so run down compared to their old Somerset one though 😥

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